Hello ! I’m MeHeDi HaSaN Khairul. Today I will talk about 10 JavaScript facts that you need to know.

JavaScript Array

Suppose you want to store some data that is your friend’s name. In these situations what will you do? Separate variable for each friend like this..


  • JavaScript Truthy Value and Falsy Value

Truthy or falsy value is a value that converted into a boolean. When we cast it into boolean. Boolean context means that when we write if-else condition.

all values are true unless they are defined as falsy.

Example for falsy value:

&React is Love…

What is react? Why React….

React is a JavaScript library for building a user interface. here are two important things

  • JavaScript Library.
  • User Interface.

Library means that some collection of codes. which reusable to make our application easier.

React is exactly similar to some collections of vanilla JavaScript codes. which…

Got Error Yeahhhhhh🙃

JavaScript Data Types.

JavaScript Data types mean that when we write JavaScript code we used some information type judgment that information type.

by default, JavaScript Language Called a Loosely type. which means javascript automatically sets data or information type.

How much JavaScript Data:

in general, JavaScript has 2 types of Data Type.

  1. Primitives Data Type
  2. Complex Data Type

What is Primitives Data Type in JavaScript?

Primitive data type means that in general the value of data which don't have extra property or method. JavaScript support 6 types of primitive value.

  1. String
  2. Number
  3. Boolean
  4. Symbol
  5. Null
  6. Undefined

What is JavaScript Complex Data Type?

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